We provide custom web development services ranging from simple changes in your system, to development of large scale platforms deployed on the GCP / AWS. Our primary focus is clean and readable code, as well as good user experience. For development, we use the following technologies:

  • NextJS (Web Application Framework)
  • React.js (Front-End Framework)
  • Node.js (Simple Back-End Tasks)
  • Supabase (User Management, Database)
  • Stripe (Payments, Subscriptions, Licensing)
  • GCP (Google Cloud Platform – Deployment of large scale web applications on App Engine)
  • Vercel (Development Hosting)
  • PHP (REST APIs, automation scripts)

When developing a web application for our clients, we try our best to deliver highly scalable, easy to manage solutions. The first phase of a project should always be writing up a clear specification agreed upon by both parties. After that, deadlines are defined with clear and easy to verify milestones. After each milestone, feedback from the client is turned into first-revision specification. Upon Successful development of a web application, everything is deployed to a scalable service provider such as the Google Cloud, and admin permissions are transferred to the client.

Pricing of services such as this is very difficult to generalise, therefore, we work with each client individually and provide a custom quote based on the agreed specification.

However, general pricing with basic features is available below.